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Founding the Parents Support Network


The Parents Support Network was founded as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in January 2020, partially in response to feedback from teenagers requesting more support for their parents in understanding the mental health challenges they face.


The founding members of the company all come from a background of more than 20 years of experience in youth services, facilitation, counselling and psychology, who have all experienced first-hand how so many parents feel inadequate in their role and ill-equipped to deal with their children’s emotions and behaviours.


As the company has developed, we have recognised the need for universal programs designed to support all parents, focusing on Parent Wellbeing and fostering greater Resilience and Self-Efficacy when dealing with challenging interpersonal situations at home.


Another important aspect of the company is the provision of Professional Training & Development for schools, businesses and organisations, so they can offer robust support to parents (who make up a large percentage of the workforce). Training is also available for those who work with parents as part of their job in public services.


Our range of professional packages are designed to help workplaces and communities learn how best to support the wellbeing of everyone.


Our Ethos AND 

What We Do

Meet The Team

Janet Williams

Janet trained in Psychotherapy 20 years ago, and more recently specialised to work with children and young people. She has a MSc in Psychology and is just starting a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology.


She currently works as a Counsellor in Private Practice, as well as supporting organisations with the implementation of mental health and wellbeing programmes. 

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