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Emotional Resilience for parents

Many of us will have an experience at some point in our lives, of someone close to us having mental health challenges, and it can be particularly difficult when it is your child.

Take time for yourself

As part of our commitment to establishing stronger family and community support, our Emotional Resilience workshop provides family members with the opportunity to learn:


  • How to recognise when you or someone close to you is not coping

  • How to deal with strong emotions in yourself and others

  • How to connect to what your body is telling you about how you feel

  • How to  be attuned to what someone else is feeling

  • How to reflect back to someone without judgement or imposition

speak your truth

understandING your own needs

discover what supports you most

listen to
what your body
is telling yoU

Please contact us to find out more about the Emotional Resilience workshop, which is beneficial for all family members over the age of 18. 


Once you introduce the simple resilience tools into your daily lives, you can share them with your children, and we will discuss how to do so in appropriate ways based on age.

Check out our 'Emotional Resilience for Parents' powerpoint presentation on our media page, as well as the 'Body Awareness – 20 minutes Daily Check-In' video.

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