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We are delighted to share some of the feedback from parents we have supported so far. We look forward to updating this page with new comments on a regular basis

If you have anything to share that will help us to improve our services, please contact us. For more in depth longitudinal case studies about our services to date, visit the 'For Commissioners' page.

What did you get from the service(s)provided?

  • Great to know I’m not alone

  • Really useful to discuss and hear other parents’ experiences

  • Group discussion helped with feelings of ‘everyone gets it right’ – they don’t!

  • Group sharing and listening is helpful. It helps me to think about my relationship with myself which in turn will help everyone

  • Insight into different ways of parenting

  • Understanding of oneself and children

  • How to deal with situations

  • That talking is important to every relationship

  • More ways of concentrating on ourselves to then help our children

  • A lot of the discussion proves that we do have the tools and helps you be more confident to use them when needed.

  • More confidence in decision making

  • Insight into myself as a parent and how self-awareness could benefit my relationship with my children

  • Greater awareness of how I parent, ideas for how things are likely to change as my children get older

  • I mainly started to look more at my own behaviour, needs, and how I was feeling, which changed my approach to the way I think. Rather than just trouble shooting on a day to day basis.

how has it helped you in daily life as a parent?

  • Help with setting boundaries and coping

  • Strategies to deal with anger, mine and my sons, and to diffuse the situation rather than rise to it

  • The approaches are very useful and the focus on your own awareness. I feel more validated to focus on myself rather than thinking this is selfish

  • When I heard the workshop was focusing on boundaries, I thought this would relate more to practical boundaries for our kids e.g. phones etc. but actually the focus of the workshop helped with this in a different way which I feel very happy with

  • Very useful in realising the work I need to do on my own self-respect and ability to be more truthful of my own reactions/feelings

  • Hugely helpful, practical phrases e.g. I feel… to try and use now with teenager, permission for me to spend time concentrating on where I am/feel (which in turn will benefit the family)

  • The main outcome of today for me was the idea of checking in with myself and staying grounded with my own emotions

  • More self-awareness of how I interact with my children

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