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The CARE Programme

Community, Connection & Communication
Awareness, Authority & Agency
Resilience, Resourcefulness & Relationship
Education, Efficacy & Empowerment

This is a universal programme for parents with children of all ages, which addresses key aspects in your life as a parent that can be challenging, and supports you to identify the factors that help provide a greater sense of wellbeing. 

The programme runs for four consecutive sessions that are two hours each and facilitated by two of our specialist team, who guide a group of twelve parents through a combination of theory, practical exercises and self-reflection.


One of the most enriching experiences of the groupwork is when you as parents share your own personal experiences and learning, and so one of the main aims of the programme is to develop a peer support network that can continue beyond the program.


We will also be offering regular drop in groups for those parents who value ongoing contact and opportunities to discuss current challenges and get support.


If you have a group of parents and would like us to run the programme at your premises please contact us. Do also get in touch to check dates or book in to scheduled events.

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